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I am honored to announce that Grammy-nominated recording artist BT will be releasing my cover of his song "Always" on the Limited Edition Box Set of These Re-Imagined Machines (Nettwerk Records/Black Hole Recordings). The box set is a collection of remixes, re-interpretations, and music videos of BT's Grammy-nominated album These Hopeful Machines. My re-interpretation of "Always" would not have been possible without composer/producer Joe Moser who co-produced the track with me. Pre-order your signed copy today at www.btmusic.com/releases/these-re-imagined-machines/323-these-re-imagined-machines-limited-collectors-edition-box-set.html

We've got two new and exciting shows planned for you guys this weekend! This Friday, April 15, I will be returning to Cutter's Smokehouse in Eudora to play a solo show as a part of Cutter's Singer Songwriter Showcase. Come join me for some of KC's best songwriters and amazing bbq!

This Saturday, April 16, please be sure to come out and support my band at the University of Kansas Pearson Scholarship Hall Rock-a-Thon. Amazingly, some students and alumni are under the impression that Rebecca Black (Youtube viral video extroadinaire) will be playing this show. Sadly, the confusion does not end there. In recent weeks, I have actually been overwhelmed with hateful and misdirected comments online that are intended for Rebecca Black. For those of you who are local, you can do your part by coming out to support us and help us set the record straight on the KU campus. For those who are not local, you can help by re-posting a video I will be releasing later this month (the much anticipated cover of "Friday"...no I'm not kidding...don't worry I made a few tweaks). :)

Thanks for your continued support! Hugs and love as always!

Can't wait to play with my band at Cutter's in Eudora tomorrow night! We'll be debuting several new songs, plus we've got a few surprises in store for you ;)

Dear world: I am Rachel Black, not Rebecca Black. No relation. Thank you. :)

What would you most like to hear more of from me? Opera, blues, pop, rock, Hebrew/cantorial, or electronica? Send me a Write Rachel and let me know!

Thank you everyone for the overwhelming response to the new site. It means the world to me. Keep the Write Rachel's coming and be sure to sign up for my mailing list! I'm looking forward to heading back to the studio soon to record my songs "Country Boy" and "Watch Me". Stay tuned!!

Welcome to the new rachelblack.com, your official home for news, upcoming tour dates, announcements, and new music from Rachel Black. Stay tuned for exciting updates! Special thanks to Uwe, Edwin Black, and Elizabeth Black for making this website happen!



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